At Bass Built Custom Homes, we don’t just trust the process; we enjoy it. From start to finish, we take our clients with us every step and side-step of the way, ensuring everything they want is incorporated, and everything they didn’t think of is taken care of.

Our Planning Process


Innovate for Safety & Security

With our coastal location, it is imperative that we build hurricane-safe homes. We take the technology used around the country—wind resistance from Florida, earthquake safety from California, energy codes from the North East—to ensure your home will be there for generations to come. When your neighbors are boarding up their homes and trying to fit in last-minute repairs, you’ll simply be moving the plants off your porch.


Plan for Anything & Everything

We have a saying around here: “All problems start in the office.” We plan thoroughly, so your project runs smoothly, and we can deliver the dream home you’ve always imagined. Proposals, permits, and every detail of the design are taken care of before we get to the job site, keeping your worries to a minimum.


Design that Fits Your Lifestyle

We have never built two of the same homes. Each of our builds caters to the unique style of our client. We embrace imagination and develop the home that works best for your family. Each client fills out a detailed questionnaire, relaying their wants and wishes. Then, our in-house designers start creating your custom home digitally. A 3-D walkthrough is done to ensure you are ready to move forward.

Our Building Process


Estimate for Transparency & Accuracy

From the style of doorknobs to the type of siding, our estimators go through every detail that you chose to ensure you’re comfortable with all decisions. You can rest easy knowing that we are always transparent, and you will always be informed.


Build the Home You’ve Always Wanted

We treat every home as if it were our own. Our talented team gets to work, bringing your vision to life. A custom calendar will give you real-time updates, daily logs, and photos to track progress. We set up walk-throughs for important milestones or if you just want to stop by for a visit.


Maintain Relationships

You may no longer be our client, but you will always be our neighbor. We follow up with all of our custom-built homes after a year and take care of any minor cosmetic changes. After the first year, you get peace of mind knowing that we are always there if you need us.

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